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Waterford Linens is the flagship of the Waterford textile line.
Its focus on classic patterns and techniques evokes the history of fine textiles and aligns it as truly heirloom quality bedding, table linens, and window dressings. 


Waterford Couture represents the top tier of Waterford bedding. Our jacquards are manufactured in Italy by one of the oldest and most respected weavers in existence. Using only natural fibers, and with details worthy of the title "couture", these beds elevate any bedroom.  


Marquis by Waterford is a slightly more modern take on the traditional damasks and patterns associated with the Waterford Linens brand. Marquis comprises Bedding, Table and Window patterns that will compliment and beautify any home. 


Reba Harmony for the Home delivers high quality, tasteful bedding and window with an emphasis on traditional American design. Using everything from sumptuous damasks to southwest traditional patterns, Reba Harmony for the Home surrounds you with style.